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The World Language Education major is a competitive four-year program that offers licensure in one of five specializations: French, German, Latin, Russian, or Spanish. Students who enroll in the major are eligible for a multi-age (3-21) teaching license providing they have a 2.80 BGSU cumulative GPA, a 2.80 GPA in the world language content area specialization.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the baccalaureate degree, students in the world language education major are expected to:

  • Apply theories of human development and learning to their teaching through the design of lessons and units of instruction.
  • Plan, implement and assess instructional strategies.
  • Exhibit professional and ethical behavior when working with students, their parents, other educators and community members.
  • Have developed oral and written proficiency in their language (for French, German, Russian, Spanish), or reading proficiency (for Latin), at the level prescribed by ACTFL/NCATE and BGSU.

World Language Education specialization - Fall 2014 course requirements

  • Specialization in French (33 hours beyond FREN 2020)
  • Specialization in German (32 hours beyond GERM 2020)
  • Specialization in Latin (33 hours beyond LAT 2020)
  • Specialization in Russian (32 hours beyond RUSN 2020)
  • Specialization in Spanish (33 hours beyond SPAN 2020)

Students apply for admission into the Professional Year (methods and student teaching) one semester in advance, on the first Thursday of each semester for the following semester. Criteria for admission into methods include: "C" or better in EDHD 2010 EDTL 2300, GSW 1120, COMM 1020, EDTL 2290, EDFI 3020, EDIS 2310, and EDTL 3700. Students must also have a 2.8 overall GPA and a 2.8 GPA in their world language content specialization area. All World Language Education majors must study abroad for one full academic year (or acceptable equivalent), except for students specializing in Latin. Latin education majors must study abroad for at least one semester (this may occur in the summer). Study abroad also is a methods admission requirement. Finally, students must successfully pass the required ACTFL exams (to demonstrate oral, written, reading proficiency), achieving the required standards set by ACTFL/NCATE and BGSU prior to being admitted into the Methods Block. The Methods Block (semester one) includes: EDTL 4180, EDTL 4200, EDTL 4290, EDTL 4670, and EDFI 4020. Students must complete all five courses with a "C" or better, pass the speaking and writing proficiency exams, AND maintain a 2.8 GPA in the major and a 2.8 overall GPA to be admitted into student teaching. Student teaching includes EDTL 4970.

Other language programs are offered by the College of Arts and Sciences.

Requirements for the Major
  • Complete all University General Education (BG Perspective) and college requirements.
  • Complete 50 hours of Professional Education coursework with a "C" or better in each course. These courses include: EDHD 2010; EDFI 3020, 4020, 4080; EDAS 4090; EDIS 2310; EDTL 2290, 3700, 4180, 4200, 4290, 4670, 4890, 4970.
  • Complete the requirements for one of the 5 specializations.
  • Study abroad for the required amount of time and as directed by the student's language and education academic advisors.
  • Successfully pass the required Praxis II Content and ACTFL exams (to demonstrate oral, written, reading proficiency), achieving the required standards set by ACTFL/NCATE and BGSU.

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