College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Theatre and Film
212 Wolfe Center, 419-372-2222

The theatre program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the baccalaureate degree, students in theatre are expected to:

  • Analyze diverse performance texts from various historical periods and cultural backgrounds in order to make effective aesthetic decisions as a theatre scholar/artist;
  • Use performance as the site and process for critical, cultural, and historical understandings;
  • Research and communicate ideas and feelings in written, visual, and/or oral forms in order to articulate a conceptual and critical approach to theatrical production;
  • Work collaboratively to solve specific production requirements as actor, director, designer, and/or technician;
  • Present skills and knowledge as a theatre scholar/artist in a professional format.

Major, Bachelor of Arts (39 hours) - minor required - Fall 2014 course requirements

Minor (23 hours)

  • THFM 1910; 2410; one of 1470, 1480, 1490, or 1500; and 3470 or 3480
  • Electives at 3000 - 4000 level (12)

Major, Bachelor of Arts in Communication (no minor required) - Fall 2014 course requirements
Students with specializations in theatre must complete a 20 hour core of coursework.

BAC Students will also follow a specialization in either:

  • Performance Studies (22 hours)
  • Acting/Directing (21-22 hours)
  • Design/Technical Theatre (22 hours)
  • Youth Theatre/Puppetry (23 hours)
  • Musical Theatre (35 hours)

* Note: admission to the Musical Theatre degree program is through audition only - contact the Department of Theatre and Film for details, 419-372-2222.

Major event
Theatre and Film majors participate twice in major event by enrolling in THFM 99—once at the sophomore/junior level and once at the senior level—concurrently with THFM 4980, senior seminar. The major event is scheduled at the end of the fall semester. Outside adjudicators are brought in to evaluate the students' audition and portfolio presentations. Oral and written evaluations serve to help students prepare for professional auditions and job interviews as well as providing a means of assessment to determine where students need additional work.

Theatre Production Program
The Department's Theatre Production Program serves as a laboratory for University students interested in theatre. Approximately four to six productions are presented each year, representing a wide range of dramatic literature in a variety of production styles, including both drama and musicals. The productions are presented in the Donnell Theatre and the Eve Marie Saint Theatre, both located in the Wolfe Center. Open auditions are held for all productions, and the entire University community is invited to participate. Opportunities are available for students to work in all aspects of theatre production, including acting, directing, designing, and crew work.

The theatre and film department offers grant-in-aid in acting, technical theatre, and film/video/multimedia production to qualified undergraduates. The grant-in-aids are awarded on a competitive basis, with students submitting applications, letters of recommendation, and completing a live audition or interview. Students interested in obtaining a grant-in-aid application packet should contact the theatre and film department office, 212 Wolfe Center.

Treehouse Troupe
Each year the award-winning Treehouse Troupe tours elementary schools throughout northwest Ohio. Members of the troupe perform and conduct classroom workshops in participating schools.

Study abroad program
All BGSU undergraduate theatre and film majors may apply for participation in the BGSU/University of Wales student exchange program. If accepted into this program, students spend a semester studying theatre and/or film in the Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies at the University of Wales, located in scenic Aberystwyth. Site of the largest undergraduate theatre program in Great Britain, the University of Wales is also the home of the prestigious Performance Research Centre.