Maurer Center Building
Maurer Center Building

A Gateway to Campus and Beyond

robert and patricia maurer  Robert W. and Patricia A. Maurer

Philanthropy is at the heart of the new Robert W. and Patricia A. Maurer Center, which recently celebrated its grand opening and dedication

After two years of watching brick, steel and glass transform into a gleaming edifice for 21st century learning, Bowling Green State University proudly celebrated the grand opening and dedication of the Robert W. and Patricia A. Maurer Center earlier this fall.

The stunning building, which included a renovation of the former Hanna Hall and a 50,000-square-foot addition, opened this semester as the new home of the Allen W. and Carol M. Schmidthorst College of Business, and reflects the college’s mission to develop the world’s next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs.

The vision for the Maurer Center was made a reality by the significant support of donors, who recognized how the facility would provide a transformative educational experience for the students who would learn within its walls.

As part of the building dedication on Sept. 11, University leadership recognized and thanked those individuals whose support helped lay the foundation for bringing the building to life. Central to that foundation was the $5 million lead gift provided by Robert Maurer ’65 and his wife, Patricia, for whom the building was named.

“We are so grateful to the Maurers and all of our generous donors who share our vision for a bold approach to business education by contributing to this renovation and construction project,” said President Rodney Rogers. “Their support and confidence in BGSU will influence generations to come.”

The Maurers, who have been prominent in the Bowling Green community for many years, have generously supported the University through a variety of philanthropic ventures.

“This new facility exceeds our expectations and truly represents and enhances the future of tomorrow’s business and community leaders,” said Bob and Pat Maurer. “We are extremely proud to be a small part of it. We are also gratified that many have stepped up and contributed to this vision. Their generosity has helped make this grand dream a reality.”

Many other alumni, friends and corporate partners supported construction of this academic facility. More than 25 areas in the Maurer Center have been named by donors, and several premier spaces remain available for naming.

“We have a strong alumni network that is critical to the success and growth of BGSU,” said Pam Conlin, vice president for University Advancement and president and CEO of the BGSU Foundation. “The generosity of the Maurer family and all of our donors to this spectacular facility is an example of how philanthropic contributions directly impact the student experience.”

Prominently located on the Wooster Street corridor, the building includes high-concept, high-tech learning facilities and amenities appropriate to a world-class business school. The Maurer Center now serves as a gateway to the academic core of campus and will have a far-reaching impact on the student learning experience and interaction with employers and alumni for years to come.


$1 million and above

  • Robert W. ‘65 and Patricia A. Maurer
  • Paul J. ‘75 and N. Margo ‘74 Hooker
  • Peggy L. Schmeltz ‘50, ‘70
  • Michael R. ‘80 and Mary Lee ‘80 McGranaghan


  • EY and the Ernst & Young Foundation
  • Marathon Petroleum Corporation
  • John J. ‘65 and Ruth Riedl

maurer ribbon cutting



  • Joseph V. and Judith M. Conda
  • Drew C. ‘81 and Nancy F. Forhan
  • Allen A. and Mary D. Green
  • Daniel R. ‘72, ‘79 and Laura C. ‘72, ‘77 Keller
  • David J. ‘71 and Shirley I. Levey
  • Theresa Popp Braun ‘80, ‘85, ‘16 and
  • Raymond W. Braun ‘80
  • Patrick L. Ryan ‘74 and Debra Scheetz Ryan ‘74 &
  • The Ryan Family Foundation
  • David L. Stickler ‘83 and Rebecca P. Li


  • James E. ‘92 and Karen R. ‘91 Adams
  • Janet A. ‘79 and Dennis Bower
  • William N. ‘78 and Julianne Dabbelt
  • Mark O. ‘78 and Marilyn A. ‘79 Eisele
  • Christine D. and Daniel Ellis
  • Keith B. Grass ‘78
  • Katherine M. and Jack R. ‘70, ‘91 Hott
  • The David J. Joseph Company
  • Michael S. Laming ‘74, ‘83 and
  • Janet K. Dibbs
  • Edward G. Leedom ‘89
  • Joseph J. ‘81, ‘83 and Kathryn McAleese
  • Michael W. ‘01 and
  • Michele M. McDaniel
  • John F. ‘70 and Ann L. ‘70 Meier
  • Susan P. Mucciarone ‘79 and
  • David Moore
  • Donald G. Nicholson ‘50
  • Bruce E. ‘68 and Katherine M. Nyberg
  • David ‘89 and Lisa M. ‘01 O’Brien
  • Amy T. ‘86 and W. Alan Shore
  • R. Max Williamson ‘59


  • Scott T. ‘99 and Holly G. ‘03 Beaverson
  • Diane G. ‘78 and David Beni
  • Gary D. Benz ‘81 and Betsy A. Karetnick
  • Christopher N. ‘81 and Lori A. ‘81 Corwin
  • Larry A. ‘72 and Suzanne S. Davenport
  • Marilyn ‘72 and Thomas P. Fox
  • Everett E. Gallagher ‘83 and
  • Rebecca A. Slayman
  • John T. ‘73 and Lorelee A. Gawaluck
  • Chan K. and Young S. Hahn
  • David S. ‘83 and Kim M. Hainline
  • Joseph E. ‘83 and
  • Lynn M. ‘84, ‘86 Hoffman
  • Stephen H. Jenkins ‘82
  • Karla B. ‘81 and Randy E. ‘81 Jones
  • Richard N. ‘69 and Alicia L. Kappel
  • Charles R. Kowal ‘75
  • Edward W. ‘61 and Lynn J. Limbach
  • D’aun M. ‘88 and Charles L. Norman
  • Garry L. ‘74 and Kathleen J. ‘73 Peiffer
  • Phillip A. ‘63 and Patricia L. Peters
  • Emil J. ‘68 and Martha M. ‘69 Ragones
  • Phillip C. ‘77 and Kaye M. Ridolfi
  • Jacien L. ‘77 and Laura A. Steele
  • Gregory L. ‘83, ‘93 and Karen Stefani
  • Robert M. ‘92, ‘96 and
  • Dana M. Thompson
  • Bruce A. Tucker ‘70
  • Diane S. Tymiak ‘79
  • Michael A. ‘85 and Ann C. Winner
  • Joseph R. ‘79 and Diane E. Zimmerman

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