Faces of Excellence

The Excellence Fund for BGSU is integral in ensuring opportunities for our students. The Excellence Fund impacts every student on campus by creating innovative learning spaces and curriculum, enriching student life, and maintaining a campus known as a welcoming and friendly place. Your gift, regardless of size, changes lives at BGSU. When you give, you share our goal that every student has the opportunity to be a Face of Excellence at BGSU. 


Scott, Amanda, Alfonso, and Aaron are just four of the more than 19,000 BGSU students impacted by gifts to the Excellence Fund:

Scott Knapke, Class of 2019

Adolescence to young adult math education

"As a member of the Falcon Marching Band, I know how important donor support is to keep student activities and classes thriving at BGSU. I’ve played trumpet since 5th grade and am thankful for the opportunity to continue to showcase musical and visual performance. For students like me, student activities are the perfect way to keep a passion alive and make good friends.

The Excellence Fund helps make many opportunities possible at BGSU. The Falcon Marching Band is that opportunity that helps me succeed. Coming to campus for band camp was where I really bonded with everyone. The best part is that it's co-ed and has students from all years so I had people to "show me the keys.”

The friends I've made are friends for life. I feel inspired and supported at BGSU. I've been able to meet incredible people, build relationships, and have friends for life.

I am grateful to have the support of generous donors who give back to enrich the BGSU experience for students like me. Thank you!

Amanda Dortch, Class of 2017

Journalism-Public Relations

“BGSU is my home. It is where I met my very best friends, had my greatest failures and accomplishments. BGSU has taught me how to be a better leader and member of society. As soon as I stepped onto the campus, I felt empowered. So empowered, in fact, I took on my first leadership position just two weeks into my freshman year. BGSU helps students like me realize our leadership potential.

Now, in my senior year as a Falcon, I have the opportunity to serve as president of the Undergraduate Student Government. It is thanks to these leadership opportunities that I’ve realized I want to continue my education and pursue a master’s degree in public administration. I aspire to work for a non-profit organization where I can continue to serve as a leader and make a difference in the community.

With the support of the Excellence Fund, I have been able to participate in other activities outside of the classroom, all of which involve community service or social justice. I’ve been involved in Bowling Green Alternative Breaks, Not In Our Town and Colleges Against Cancer. I’m also a member of the President’s Leadership Academy.

If there’s one thing that students and alumni of BGSU all agree on, it’s that the BGSU experience really is one of a kind. The mentorship, friendship, and guidance provided by the faculty, staff and upperclassmen has shaped me into the person I am today. I’m forever grateful to have the support of generous donors who have given me these tremendous opportunities. Thank you. You have truly changed my life.”

Alfonso Mack, Class of 2016, 2018

Psychology, School Counseling

“In choosing which University I wanted to attend, Bowling Green State University had the best of both worlds: a strong psychology program and a football team storied in tradition.

With the support of the Excellence Fund, the guidance of my spiritual beliefs and the trust of my coaches, I was able to earn a scholarship at BGSU. I know every kid dreams of getting a scholarship and many never get the chance to earn one. This opportunity makes me forever thankful. My football scholarship has played a huge role in my life and means a lot to me. It is something I’ve been dreaming about receiving since I knew I wanted to play college football. It also has impacted my family by helping ease the financial burden of college.

Beyond the playing field, I’ve also already earned my undergraduate degree in psychology and am well on my way to earning my master’s degree in school counseling. BGSU has given me the opportunity to learn about what my passions are in life and has given me many resources that will help me in my future.  I have several options after I receive my master’s degree and that is a testament to how BGSU, and support from alumni and friends like you, have aided me in preparing for life after graduation.”

Aaron Flores, Class of 2018

Applied Health Science

“As the youngest of four children, receiving a scholarship to BGSU has been so important to me and to my family. Scholarship funds also mean I can devote more time to student activities. In my time here at BGSU, I’ve become a member of Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) and that has definitely made my experience a great one. Being a FIJI has not only provided me with a great group of people that have helped me become a better person, but it has also offered me countless experiences that I would not have otherwise. In addition, I’m very involved with the Alumni Laureate Scholars program, Gerontology Student Association and intramural sports.

As a third-generation Falcon, I’ve heard my family speak of their wonderful times at BGSU and how everyone on campus is extremely welcoming. Their stories have exceeded expectation and BGSU felt like home the second I stepped onto campus.

Overall, BGSU has prepared me for life after graduation in many ways. BGSU helped me set a solid foundation in academics and has taught me many important aspects of working in the professional world. My BGSU experience has helped me to grow as a person so that I am now much more confident in who I am, which will help me to be more ambitious with opportunities that present themselves to me in the future. Thank you for allowing me to carve out my own BGSU experience.”