Ziggy Time


What is Ziggy Time?

Ziggy Time is an interactive program that makes it easy to keep in touch with fellow Falcons around the world. We’ve put together simple mini-challenges for you to participate in each month and earn exclusive BGSU spirit wear and prizes. Many of the challenges include things that you are already doing, like sharing BGSU events and initiatives on social media, connecting with fellow alumni, and helping current BGSU students find internship and job opportunities. Our goal is to help alumni and students expand their network, while making a positive impact in the BGSU community. Anyone that completes one hour of challenges a month will be rewarded!

How it works…

Step 1: Register

Let us know that you are up to the challenge! We will send a monthly email reminder to complete your one hour of service to BGSU (you only need to do this once!). 

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Step 2: Choose your Challenge  

Ziggy Time challenges are updated each month. Alumni can choose any of the challenges listed below.  Challenges range in time from 15 minutes to 1 hour. Anyone that completes an hour worth of challenges, will receive FREE BGSU SPIRIT GEAR! Challenges can be repeated! Repeat the same task or mix and match to reach one hour!

Make sure you post your social media challenges in your Regional Alumni Network Facebook Group with the hashtag #ZiggyTime! Need to find the Regional Network Facebook Group for your area? Check out our Regional Network page.

Example: 15min15min30min =1hour
1hour        August Bundle: Join the Club!


Looking for your next summer read? Join the BGSU Alumni Book Club!

The BGSU Alumni Book Club is a virtual book club covering a range of lifelong learning topics. The book club connects through a private online portal where people can discuss the current book.

Joining the book club is completely free for BGSU alumni - you simply get your own copy of the book to enjoy. The group will read a book every two months so you'll have plenty of time for each book.

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1hour        Summer Bundle: Flat Freddie


Download Freddie

1hour        Get Involved

Interested in volunteering with the BGSU Alumni Office? Take our survey and let us know how you might like to be involved this year. 

15min        Photograph  

Share your Falcon love visually! Share your Ziggy Time Reward hitting your mailbox and a selfie of you in your new gear! Don’t forget to tag us @BGSUAlumni.

15min        Promote  

Help us get the word out about Falcon events and initiatives. Refer a friend to the Ziggy Time program and make sure they aren’t missing out on free BGSU gear.

30min        Recruit  

Help us develop future Falcons! Bring your family or a high school student to campus for a tour.

1hour        Travel  

Sometimes serving BGSU is as easy as cheering on your Falcons and meeting fellow alumni! Attend a regional event in your area hosted by BGSU or your Regional Network Leader  - or -  come back to campus for a sponsored event, dinner with old friends, or just because!

30min        Write  

Submit an alumni spotlight story to alumni@bgsu.edu. Have you or a fellow Falcon reached a goal, achieved a promotion, or accomplished something exciting lately? Let us brag about you!

1hour        Customize 

There are endless ways to fulfill your Ziggy Time! If you spent one hour this month serving the BGSU community, make sure you tell us about your experience in the survey below. Whether you were serving the BGSU community on a steering committee or board, or promoting your alma mater in a unique way, we are greatful for your support. Thank you!

Step 3: Claim your prize!

When you complete your challenges, simply fill out the online form below to let us know how you spent your Ziggy Time! We will keep track of your participation and send you exclusive BGSU gear when you reach a month milestone. Prizes will be awarded after completing one, three, six, nine, and twelve months of challenges. You do not need to complete months consecutively, however, Ziggy Time resets each year. Participate each month to earn all five prizes!

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