Meet the Young Alumni Council

Diehl SQ


Major:  Supply Chain Management and International Business with Entrepreneurship Minor

Occupation:  Purchasing Analyst - Toyota

Why I’m involved with YAC:  I chose to get involved with YAC to give back to the University. I had an incredible four years at BGSU and I would like students to continue to have the same experiences in the future. The faculty and staff at BGSU truly make it a special place.




Major: Individualized Studies with a minor in Communication

Occupation: Admissions Counselor at Bowling Green State University

Why I’m involved with YAC: I joined YAC to work with other recent alumni in efforts to make sure future alumni see what opportunities are not only available during their time at BGSU, but once they graduate as well. My time at BGSU was life-changing and so impactful upon my future plans and career goals that I wanted to be sure I could give back to the University, its students, and the amazing faculty and staff. Passionate about my experiences, I hope to continue spreading my love for the University while helping others to do the same.



Hillis SQ

Major:  Bachelor of Science in Business Administration; specialization: Supply Chain Management

Occupation:  Japan Supply Parts Buyer/Planner at Honda North America, Inc.

Why I’m involved with YAC: While I was a student at BGSU, there were many opportunities I found personally fulfilling and I want to ensure these same programs, and others, are still here for the next generation of Falcons.  I would not be where I am professionally, or in life, without the experiences BGSU provided me with.  I want to continue to encourage positive change and growth on this campus even as an alumna.





Major: MA and Ph.D, Sociology

Occupation: Assistant Professor of Justice, Law, and Public Safety Studies at Lewis University

Why I’m involved with YAC: I am involved with YAC because I wanted to give back to BGSU for the life changing experience that it gave me. I had an incredible experience in my five years of graduate school, and this is my way to stay connected and help engage the next set of Falcon Alumni.




XIAOSHAN (Shannon) LIU ’13

Major: Master of Education in Sport Administration

Occupation: Fitness Program Coordinator

Why I’m involved with YAC: As an international graduate student, I went to BGSU in 2011 from China and had an unforgettable two years’ experience. I felt welcome and supported through many student organizations, international programs, and scholarships. I want to keep engaged and share my experience and passion with other alumni and current students, especially those with international backgrounds.



Music SQ


Major: B.S. in Business Administration with specializations in Marketing and Management

Occupation: HR Generalist

Why I’m involved in YAC: I am involved in the YAC because BGSU means so much to me and I want to help it continue to be a wonderful place to live, learn and grow.



Ostrow SQ

Major:  Sport Management

Why I’m involved in YAC:  I am involved with the YAC because I enjoy being connected with other Falcons throughout the country. During my years at BGSU, I learned so much and grew from my experiences. At BG I was a brother in Alpha Sigma Phi, danced in Dance Marathon, and participated in multiple service events. Through the YAC I want to continue to be involved with the great alumni of BGSU.



Piazza SQ

Major:  Undergraduate, Sales & Services Marking; Graduate, Master of Business Administration

Occupation:  Financial Advisor, Wilcox Financial

Why I’m involved in YAC:  BGSU changed my life. The experiences I had and people I met during my Falcon journey had an enormous impact on who I am today. I am serving on the YAC to help future and current Falcon generations to have a similar collegiate experience and to reconnect alumni back with the Falcon Family.



Senn SQ

Major:  Sales & Services Marking

Why I’m involved in YAC:  I got involved with the YAC to give back to the institution that gave so much to me. I know I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for BGSU and I want to give that opportunity to others. There is so much we can do as alumni and I'm excited to serve BGSU in this capacity.



Sowers SQ

Major:  Individualized Studies with a Marketing minor

Occupation:  Fundraising and Development Manager, Ruffalo Noel Levitz

Why I’m involved in YAC:  I love BGSU and I have always known I wanted to stay connected after graduation due to having such an amazing, life-changing experience while at BGSU. I was very involved during my undergraduate career and wanted to find another way to stay connected and engaged to help the next generation of student here at BGSU and to connect with other alumni throughout the nation.


Utt SQ

Major:  Vocal Performance and Computer Science

Occupation:  IT Project Manager at Eaton Corporation, Artistic Gravitator at Monicat Data

Why I’m involved in YAC:  I felt so supported through scholarships, on-campus jobs, and various student organizations while at BGSU. I've joined the YAC to continue to support the University, other alumni and current students.


Zenone SQ


Major:  Tourism, Leisure, and Event Planning

Occupation:  Senior Catering Sales Manager

Why I’m involved in YAC:  From the moment I graduated, I always knew I wanted to give back to the BGSU Community. I never knew what that looked like until I learned about the YAC. It is the perfect opportunity to share my passion for BGSU with others while also working to make a difference for current and future students.




Dolinski SQ
Rhoades square