Alumni Regional Network Leader

Volunteer Position Description

Position Purpose:

BGSU alumni regional networks exist to support the personal and professional success of alumni throughout the world. They inspire pride in, promote involvement with and provide support to the University. Alumni regional networks support the University by organizing events and opportunities for alumni to reconnect with each other and BGSU. They serve as a vital connection for alumni and friends who are relocating or looking for a group of friends with a common bond.

The Office of Alumni and Annual Giving seeks regional network leaders who are passionate about working to optimize the post-graduate experience for all alumni. Alumni may nominate themselves or other BGSU alumni for these positions. Leaders will be selected for their abilities, commitment to BGSU and potential for advancing their regional network area.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Serve as an advocate for BGSU and as the point of contact for alumni in your area – 20%
    • Name and email will be listed on the BGSU website so alumni can reach out to learn how they can get involved with the regional network.
    • Proudly wear your orange and brown
  2. Plan 3-4 events annually – 60%
    • Choose the event location or activity.
    • Notify the Alumni office at least 4-6 weeks prior to the event day or purchase deadline. The Alumni Office will email those in the area and help promote the event.
    • Serve as the “host” during the event. Answer questions, help attendees mingle, etc.
  3. Promote the regional network scholarship – 10%
    • Encourage event attendees and Facebook group members to make a gift to support BGSU students from your area.
    • Serve as an Ambassador on BGSU One Day, BGSU’s annual day of giving. Post on social media and share why you support BGSU.
  4. Help maintain the regional network Facebook page – 10%
    • Make event pages
    • Post BGSU- or area-related content, poll the group for event ideas, encourage communication and engagement.

Desired skills, attributes, and competencies:

  • Passion for BGSU
  • Must show respect to all BGSU alumni and friends at all times
  • Desire to reminisce, network or just connect with fellow alumni
  • Basic computer skills (email, Facebook - strongly desired but not mandatory)
  • Basic knowledge of the area or ability to identify popular, local locations and activities
Reports to: Assistant Director, Alumni Engagement
Benefits: By serving in this role, regional network leaders will grow their personal and professional networks, enjoy fun social events and be the first to know BGSU updates and happenings
Training provided: BI-annual conference calls with all network leaders, a quarterly regional network newsletter and monthly check-ins with the Alumni Office
Estimated time commitment: 5-10 hours per month, depending on when you schedule events
Annual philanthropic obligation: Regional network leaders are encouraged to make a gift of any size to the regional network scholarship for their area.
Term of office: Regional network leader terms for two years with the option to apply for an extension