Freshman Scholarship FAQs

No, we do not round up or recalculate a grade point average. We accept the cumulative grade point average as presented on the official high school transcript.

We use the grade point average presented by the high school. If both weighted and unweighted grade point average is presented, we will use the grade point average that most benefits the student.

Since this test is not a required portion of the ACT, we do not consider the score for scholarships.

In order to be consistent, we do not use the new writing portion of the SAT in the awarding process for scholarships. The majority of our applicants submit the ACT score and the writing portion of the ACT is not a required section of this test. In order to be fair to all applicants we do not use the writing sub score of the SAT.

To be awarded a freshman academic scholarship, a student must meet both the grade point average and test score requirement by the January 15 deadline.

University Freshman Academic Scholarships are tuition specific (general & instructional fees) and may not be used for other fees. The Office of Student Financial Aid (419-372-2651) will assist you with specific questions regarding which scholarships may be used for room, meals, or general and instructional fees.

Yes, as long as you meet the renewal requirements specified in your scholarship award letter.

Admitted students may submit updated official credentials, including improved high school GPA or higher ACT or SAT composite scores, to the Office of Admissions for higher award consideration until March 1. Adjustments to your award will be made as funds are available.