After Orientation

Following your SOAR visit, plan to take some time to discuss the information you gathered throughout your day at BGSU. Rewrite any notes you took from meetings and conversations and follow-up with the people you met.

Also, there are many tasks that you should give attention to in order to stay connected with BGSU between now and your arrival on campus.

  1. Find out about campus housing and dining.
  2. Have you returned your Health Assessment Form and waived/enrolled in Health Insurance plan?
  3. Make plans to purchase textbooks for the upcoming semester.
  4. Wrap-up your financial details and make payment for tuition.
  5. If you have received an application to participate in TRIO Student Support Services (SSS), please mail or fax according to the instructions on the application. For SSS course enrollment information, please contact a TRIO program advisor at 419-372-2677.
  6. Are you considering on-campus or part-time employment?
  7. Complete the Social and Academic Life Survey (Complete after SOAR)
  8. Make arrangements for move-in, Opening Weekend, and the first day of class.