About Shaunda Brown-Rivera


Assistant Director for Diversity


Detroit, MI


Bachelor of Liberal Studies
Bowling Green State University, 2014

M.A. in College Student Personnel
Bowling Green State University, 2018

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Freddie & Frieda or Sic Sic?

Even though Freddie & Frieda are something special, I must say Sic Sic

Best BGSU memory?

My best BGSU memory is hands down living in Mac (McDonald Residence Hall). I met some of my best friends there, I was a resident advisor (RA) there, and it’s where I had one of my most memorable BGSU date (in the MACateria).

Favorite spot on campus?

While I would love to say Mac-beach, I must admit that it’s Old Campus. I love the architecture of the original campus buildings and it’s always beautiful.

Favorite Bowling Green restaurant?

Since my ultimate favorite, Corner Grill, has closed. I must say that South Side Six is my favorite. Try the chicken shawarma; you will not be disappointed.

Best advice for incoming students?

BGSU has tons of opportunities for you to try new things, be challenged and grow. Do everything; but, remember to pace yourself and do your work.

Regions covered:

Ohio Territory:  Cleveland Metropolitan School District, Lorain County  

Out-of-State Territory: Detroit area high schools: University Prep Schools, Renaissance High School, Cass Technical High School, West Bloomfield High School

Updated: 07/07/2022 11:15AM