About Ali Tracy


Assistant Director


Ottoville, OH

High School

Ottoville High School — Ottoville, OH


BS.BA. in Marketing
Bowling Green State University, 2012

M.Ed in Workforce Education & Development                    Bowling Green State University, 2019

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Freddie & Frieda or Sic Sic?

Freddie & Frieda - we are all Falcons, but they are the real thing. And they have great dance moves. 

Best BGSU memory?

The first time I got to paint “The Rock” with my friends in the American Marketing Association. It's a great BGSU tradition!

Favorite spot on campus?

I like going out by the Wood County Airport at night when they have the landing strip lights on. You'll see red, green, and blue lights!

Favorite Bowling Green restaurant?

Campus Pollyeyes has the best stuffed breadsticks - my order is ham and pineapple with a side of ranch dressing.

Best advice for incoming transfer students?

Build as many meaningful relationships with your peers, instructors, and advisors as you can! It's important to have a good support system.

Regions covered:

Ohio Territory: Wood County

Updated: 07/07/2022 11:24AM