Computing at BGSU


While students at BGSU are not required to bring a computer to campus, nearly all choose to bring their own computer, tablet, phone, gaming system, or other internet-ready device. However, those who choose not to bring a computer have adequate access to computing resources in labs across campus.

Questions and Answers

While there is no University requirement for student computers, Information Technology Services (ITS) provides recommendations for students looking to purchase their own computer. For more detailed information please refer the New Student Technology FAQ page.

Falcon Outfitters and Ziggabyte® sell computers and related electronics to BGSU students at discounted rates. Additionally, their Let Your Major Be Your Guide resource provides recommended computer configurations based on a student's intended area of study.

Students may buy select software at a discounted rate through Ziggabyte® at Falcon Outfitters. Additionally, some academic programs have special requirements; please contact your academic department about specific recommendations.

Detailed information about connecting to the BGSU network, including locations of wired connections in residence hall rooms and wireless access points around campus, can be found on the ITS Student Connect page.

Updated: 03/06/2020 09:50AM