College Credit Plus

BGSU provides three College Credit Plus (CCP) options for qualified students.  Each option has its distinct advantages in helping you prepare for your future.  Select each option below to learn more or to apply for CCP admission.

On-Campus / Online

The CCP On-Campus option provides qualified high school students the opportunity to strengthen and enrich their educational experience through enrollment in college courses at BGSU.

Students who participate in the CCP On-Campus/Online option receive college credit that may also fulfill high school graduation requirements.

Dual Enrollment

The CCP Dual Enrollment option provides qualifed high school students the opportunity to take college classes at their high school.

This option is only available to students attending a high school that has partnered with BGSU to offer courses under one of the current three options of delivery.


The CCP Self-Pay option provides high school students who do not participate in the CCP On-Campus option an opportunity to take college-level coursework which strengthens and enriches their high school experience.

Participants are responsible for all costs associated with participation in this option.