Deciding Student Program


Yes, it is okay to be undecided!

The fact is, most students who enter college straight out of high school (and even some who have worked awhile) don’t know which major to select or which career might suit them best.

At Bowling Green State University, the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Planning works with all students who are undecided in their major and career path. Advisors in the office are committed to ensuring that deciding students will have every opportunity to explore what the BGSU has to offer them before deciding a major.

BGSU Bonus

As a deciding student you will be encouraged to explore all campus resources while focusing on completing General Education requirements. To help with this you will have one-on-one advising by a professional advisor who will assist you in deciding on a major. This advisor will work with you to connect you with faculty in majors that you may be interested in as well as career services and tutoring services; both of which are fundamental to your success.

Since there are so many resources available to deciding students, they are often the most prepared students upon graduation and tend to be more successful on campus because they have a deeper understanding their career path.

We’d love to hear from you

Give us a call at 419-372-8943 and tell us about your college plan and let us answer any questions you have, or email us at or stop by our office during your campus visit at 292 Hayes Hall.

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Updated: 12/21/2021 09:51AM