Physical Education and Health Education


Physical education professionals play an important role in the future of our nation’s health. Motivating and teaching individuals to become physically fit and educated requires skills and knowledge that Bowling Green State University is proud to offer. We prepare our students to be highly effective and reflective teachers of human movement. When you graduate, you will be eligible for a multi-age (Pre-K to 12) teaching license.

BGSU has the only Ohio physical education teacher education program with a primary focus on the study of the art and science of human movement. Furthermore, our state-of-the art physical education facilities and renowned faculty help our physical education majors to be sought after graduates among school districts across the country.

You can enhance your employment options by adding a health education licensure to your degree program through our collaborative program with the University of Toledo, which enables you to earn dual licensure while pursuing your undergraduate degree. School districts prefer to hire teachers who can teach both physical education and health education.

You also have the option of pursuing a coaching minor. School districts across the country, particularly those in northwest and north central Ohio, seek graduates of our program to fill their positions for physical education teachers and athletic coaches. Our graduates also have accepted coaching positions and work in a variety of professional non-school settings.

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Updated: 05/28/2020 06:20PM