Nutrition Sciences


Our nutrition sciences will prepare you for a career as a food and nutrition research scientist, product representative for the pharmaceutical industry or graduate/professional student pursuing an advanced degree in nutrition, life sciences, medicine or dentistry. Students who enter our nutrition sciences program have usually enjoyed their high school biology, chemistry and calculus classes.

Your courses will be taught by highly regarded food and nutrition experts. Our faculty members have worked with NASA to develop food safety for space missions, USDA to implement the “Smarter Lunchroom” initiative, NHANES to explore the vitamin and mineral status of older adults, NIH to explore the effects of chili peppers on energy balance, and BGSU’s Sports Performance Team to determine optimal nutrition for collegiate athletes.

Our graduates in nutrition sciences have accepted positions in a variety of fields. Some work as scientists who analyze the interaction of diet and exercise, others are researchers in the food and pharmaceutical industries, while others work as research scientists for government agencies. Our alumni have also chosen academic careers in food science and nutrition or pursued graduate work in the field.

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