Spirit of BG Award

Basis of Eligibility

Any current full-time or part-time administrative staff member who has been employed at BGSU or Firelands.

Award Criteria

The Administrative Staff Council wants to recognize, on a monthly basis, administrative staff employees who are caught showing "The Spirit of BG" as defined by any of the core values of BGSU.  The core values are:

Respect for one another

  • Cooperation
  • Intellectual and spiritual growth
  • Creative imaginings
  • Pride in a job well done

Nomination Procedures

If you are a member of the University community (faculty, staff, student) you may nominate an employee for "The Spirit of BG Award". Please completed this nomination form, providing a short summary as to why you feel this person is deserving of this significant award. 

Deadline for Nominations

Nominations must be received by 5:00 p.m. on the last day of the month.

Winners will be announced approximately two weeks after deadline for nominations. They will receive a check for $75.00, balloons, a Certificate of Appreciation, and congratulations from their colleagues and friends.  Winners will also be posted on the Administrative Staff Website and the BGSU Monitor.

Official Nomination Form
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