The Mechatronics Engineering Technology program is part of the Department of Engineering Technologies in the College of Technology, Architecture and Applied Engineering.

  • Bachelors Available
  • Bachelors Available

Mechatronics Engineering Technology

The Mechatronics Engineering Technology program is an interdisciplinary field that prepares students to work with emerging technologies in the area of robotics and advanced manufacturing. This in-demand field includes the design, development, implementation, automation and management of robotics system technologies such as industrial robotics manipulators, automated guided vehicles, navigation and inspection, assistive robotics, device technologies, human-robot interaction and many other exciting applications.

Mechatronics and roboticist professionals design, integrate and maintain automated and intelligent systems. These professionals conduct their work in laboratories, offices or on-site at advanced manufacturing plants.

The Mechatronics Engineering Technology program is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET.

Quality classroom experiences

The mechatronics engineering technology program integrates electrical, mechanical, computer and network components.

With an emphasis on hands-on learning, courses are both classroom and lab-based. Students gain real-world technical skills by working with industrial training robots in the state-of-the-art Stephen and Deborah Harris/RIXAN Robotics Laboratory.

Stand Out in courses like

  • Industrial Robotics and Automation
  • Digital Electronic Components and Systems
  • Senior Design Project
  • Sensors and Actuators


The mechatronics engineering technology program blends electrical, mechanical, computer and network components to the design, application, operation and maintenance of robotics and advanced manufacturing technologies.

Students take courses in robotics programming, digital computer analysis, industrial instrumentation, electronic circuits and analog and digital electronics to aid in the basic principles, characterization, analysis, and troubleshooting of robotics and automation technologies.

Students can join the Falcon Robotics student organization where they design, build and program robots. Students represent BGSU in robotics competitions and other events at the college level.

Internships and Careers

Students complete a series of paid cooperative education experiences where they work in an industry-setting. Student gain valuable real-world experience and begin building their professional network.

Our graduates are prepared for careers in the robotics and automation areas directly related to process control, electronic instrumentation, testing, manufacturing, sales and service. Typical engineering technologist's duties may include analysis and design of process control equipment, laboratory testing services, product sales and service, applications engineering and the development of systems that require a hardware/ software interface.

GO FAR in your career

  • Mechatronics Engineering Technologist
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Automation Engineer

Student Outcomes

Upon completion of the baccalaureate degree, students in the Mechatronics Engineering Technology program will be capable of the following Student Outcomes (SO).

  • SO 1: An ability to apply knowledge, techniques, skills and modern tools of mathematics, science, engineering, and technology to solve broadly-defined engineering problems appropriate to the discipline;
  • SO 2: An ability to design systems, components, or processes meeting specified needs for broadly-defined engineering problems appropriate to the discipline;
  • SO 3: An ability to apply written, oral, and graphical communication in broadly-defined technical and non-technical environments; and an ability to identify and use appropriate technical literature;
  • SO 4: An ability to conduct standard tests, measurements, and experiments and to analyze and interpret the results to improve processes; and
  • SO 5: An ability to function effectively as a member as well as a leader on technical teams.

Bowling Green State University [BGSU] is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.  BGSU has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission since 01/01/1916. The most recent reaffirmation of accreditation was received in 2012 - 2013. Questions should be directed to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

The Mechatronics Engineering Technology (MET) program is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC) of ABET,

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Bowling Green State University programs leading to licensure, certification and/or endorsement, whether delivered online, face-to-face or in a blended format, satisfy the academic requirements for those credentials set forth by the State of Ohio.

Requirements for licensure, certification and/or endorsement eligibility vary greatly from one profession to another and from state to state. The Mechatronics Engineering Technology program leads to professional licensure.

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Under the Higher Education Act Title IV disclosure requirements, an institution must provide current and prospective students with information about each of its programs that prepares students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation.

The Mechatronics Engineering Technology program is not a recognized occupation that requires a Gainful Employment disclosure.

* Job placement and salary information was compiled by the Office of Academic Assessment through the Graduation Survey from AY2015-2018. The data are gathered around the time of Commencement and a follow-up survey six months post Commencement. For the salary question, data for programs with fewer than fifteen responses are not included. Salaries for those programs are from the National Association of Colleges and Employers Summer 2019 Survey. For questions regarding the data, contact

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