Know Where You Stand Academically

Formerly known as Student Success Collaborative (SSC), Navigate combines technology, consulting, and best practice research to help Faculty and Staff leverage student data and analytics to measurably improve student academics. Faculty and Staff members that use Navigate are able to utilize real-time data to measure and optimize student intervention effectiveness.

In order to assist students in gauging their academic performance, identifying areas of improvement, and to assist students in accessing academic support services on campus, BGSU engages faculty in two types of progress reporting: Early Alert, via Navigate and Mid Term Grading, through Faculty Center. Early Alert is typically completed via an Academic Progress Survey, and is sent to all instructional faculty during weeks 3-5 in a given term. EA answers the question of HOW a student is performing in class, and offers faculty an opportunity to raise performance alerts and refer students to academic support services if there are performance concerns. In EA, students receive emails directly from Navigate if there are alerts raised. Mid Term Grading typically opens the 6th week of Fall and Spring terms, and it answers the question, if the term were to end today, what would my letter grade be? Students may check their Mid Term Grades via their Student Center.

If faculty or students have questions about Progress Reporting (Early Alert or Mid Term Grading), please contact:

Jaclyn Calderon

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Academic Progress Reporting Period

Fall 2020

Opens September 8 at 10:00am
Closes September 27 at 11:58pm.

Spring 2021

Opens January 25 at 10:00am
Closes February 14 at 11:58pm

Mid-Term Grade Reporting for Faculty

Fall 2020

Opens October 10 at 10:00am
Closes November 25 at 11:58pm 

Spring 2021

Opens March 9 at 10:00am
Closes April 2 at 11:58pm

Academic Progress Reporting Flow Chart

Navigate Progress Report Campaigns allow faculty to identify and report students in their course(s) who are of concern due to academic performance.

Mid-Term Grading Through the Faculty Center

FALL 2019
OPENS October 14 at 10 a.m.
ENDS November 1 at 11:58 p.m.

Instructors will be provided on-line mid-term grade rosters through the Faculty Center.  Instructors will be able to post mid-term grades beginning the seventh week of classes through the ninth week of classes.

Students will have access to view Mid-Term grades through the Student Center.

Mid-term Grades may be entered and submitted by those who are listed as connected to the graded component of the course.  If teaching assistants cannot access the grade roster, contact Jamie Daughton ( in Registration and Records for assistance.

Female advisor talking with a male student.

Progress Reporting Protocols

Advisors WILL NOT be notified via email (or email digest) when an alert is raised as part of a progress report, the following protocol is requested during the Fall 2018Progress Reporting Period:

  1. Advisors will run alert reports 1x weekly during the progress survey reporting period.
  2. The Learning Commons will also be running reports and initiating outreach to those students who receive Learning Commons Referrals during the progress survey reporting period.
  3. Additionally, for the time being, advisors are asked to run this report on a regular basis throughout the semester to accommodate the 24/7 alert raising feature in Navigate. The outreach protocol in this case will be the same as during the progress survey reporting period.

Progress Surveys

The following alerts are associated with the Progress Survey (the same alerts are available within the 24/7 alert feature):

  1. Poor Attendance affecting academic performance
  2. Inadequate homework and assignments
  3. Missing assignments
  4. Poor class participation
  5. Low quiz/test grades
  6. Unsatisfactory Academic Performance
  7. Learning Commons Referral