Changing Majors, Programs, or Colleges within BGSU


Sometimes a change of major or degree program may also involve a change of academic college. Students may have entered BGSU as undecided, have not been able to complete their current major or degree as planned, or have different career goals than when they first entered BGSU. The process for changing majors, programs, or academic colleges is outlined below. 

Changing Majors Between Academic Colleges

A student who wishes to change from a major in one academic college to a major in another academic college should consult an academic advisor about eligibility and requirements for the intended college and degree program. In most cases, to change to another college, a student must have at least a 2.0 accumulative grade point average. However, some degrees or majors have a higher grade point average entry requirement than a 2.0 or additional entry requirements like portfolio review, auditions, or program application forms. Some programs accept students with less than a 2.0 grade point average. Academic advisors are available to (a) help students select the degree program that best meets individual needs and interests, and (b) review the requirements of the intended major or degree program to assure that a student’s plan of study will meet the entry and program requirements. 

Following the student’s consultation with an academic advisor, a determination is made by the intended college office to approve or not to approve the transfer. The intended college dean’s (or designee’s) signature on the College Transfer Form is the record of approval to transfer. If transfer to the intended college is not approved, a College Transfer Form will not be issued or signed. In either case, the student will be notified of the college’s decision. A copy of the signed form indicating approval to transfer is given to the student and a copy is sent to the student’s current college. Once a student’s current college receives a signed College Transfer Form, that college will transmit the student’s file to the new college.