Welcome to BGSU!

Your first year at BGSU will be a “Falcon-tastic” and exciting time! The BGSU Academic Advising Centers are here to help you understand the BG Perspective and other academic requirements, create a path to graduation, connect you with resources through the BGSU community, select and pursue a course of study, make plans for your education and beyond.

Every student at BGSU is assigned an academic or faculty advisor who is available to assist you throughout your path to graduation at BGSU.  Please visit the links below to begin, advance, or continue your journey at BGSU.

Click here if BGSU is your first university enrollment after high school graduation. College Credit Plus, Dual Enrollment students are First Year students.

Click here if you have completed college coursework after high school at another institution before coming to BGSU.

If you are a current or future international student the International Student Services is available to support students!

Click here if you previously attended BGSU and are re-enrolling as a Falcon.