Advising Commissions

The purpose of the BGSU Advising Commissions is to promote shared leadership and vision in the development and implementation of key university-wide advising efforts.

Membership is comprised of professional advisors and faculty mentors representing each academic advising office and college.  Each Commission is expected to meet at least twice each semester or more frequently as needed to discuss and plan initiatives.

The charge of this commission is to provide guidance and direction in the creation and implementation of a university-wide plan for assessing and evaluating academic advising, and to determine a common set of measurements and metrics of student data to measure progress, report activity, and inform practice. This may include the development of survey instruments for students and advisors, facilitation of focus groups, creation of an assessment calendar, and report writing.


Marcy Beaverson (HHS)
Rick Lofgren (A&S)


Julie Ash (CBA)
Gina Cavanaugh (HHS – GA)
Amy Foust (UAAS)
Amy Planthaber (FIRE)

Lori Schultz (TAAE)
Chrissy Shaal (HONORS)
Matt Webb (EDHD)
Lauren Weller (A&S - GA)

The charge of this commission is to create and assist in the coordination of an awards and recognition plan and program for advisors and advising practice at BGSU. This includes the establishment of both formal and informal awards and recognition programs, soliciting stories of creating criteria and nomination procedures for awards, and planning related events.


Holly Cipriani (CCP)


Michelle Atkinson (HHS)
Jennifer Buening (FIRE)
Rachel Cooper (CBA)
Jodi Devine (HONORS)
Greg Dickerson (EDHD)
Clare Spathelf (PPP)


Mary Kay Inkrott (Thompson)
David Janik (CCP)
Kerry Jones (EDHD)
Bob Kline (A&S)
DeVona Smith (A&S)

The charge of this commission is to review, develop and recommend written and electronic communication and other messaging for advisors and students. This includes printed post-cards and emails regarding advising, recommending content and enhancements on the university advising website, developing and maintaining a communication calendar, and ways to improve communication among the advising community.


Eve Crandall (A&S)
Claire Hoover (CCP/UAAS)


Laura Barned (EDHD)
Tim Chambers (CBA)
Darrell Hunter (A&S)
Sophia Jackson (FIRE)
Kim Lawson-Miesmer (HHS)
Kristin Payne (A&S)

Angela Pezzi (A&S)
Mary Lynn Pozniak (UAAS)
Cyndie Roberts (UAAS)
Tony Saar (FIRE)
Melissa Webb (TAAE)
Bailey Bushman (HONORS)

The charge of this commission is to create and assist in the implementation of an institution-wide professional development plan for academic advisors, including orientation and training for new advisors. This may include creating and maintaining a university-wide advisor handbook, coordinating workshops/presentations, arranging presenters, establishing procedures for requesting and obtaining supplemental professional develop funds, and developing an online resource for advisors.


Bethany DeLong (EDHD)
Krista Sturdevant (EDHD)


Gabe Dunbar (NTMSS)
Pat Dymarkowski (A&S)
Derm Forde (UAAS)
Deb Hendricks (HHS)
Brittany House (HONORS - GA)


Erin House (FIRE)
Lee Ann Koenigbauer (A&S)
Heather Mullins (CBA)
Scott Rogers (CMA)
Kacee Ferrell Snyder (HONORS)

*Membership current as of August 4, 2017.