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Set yourself up for success! A strong positive mindset can help you ride the ups-and-downs of life and your academic career at BGSU. There may be some semesters in which you struggle academically and that's OK! Incorporating aspects of a positive mindset can help you persevere through challenges, allowing you to learn and grow as a student and individual.  Explore the resources we have offered below that will help you get back on track! 

Start Your Semester Strong!

Did you know successful students visit the Learning Commons frequently throughout the semester? BGSU's Learning Commons offers Math & Stats tutoringCourse based tutoring, and Writing consultations.

Virtual Writing Assistance:

If you are unable to come to the Learning Commons in person, you can submit a piece of writing for an online consultation. A writing consultant will read over your work, provide feedback, and send the document back to you within 48 hours. This is different than a virtual session, where you would video chat with a writing consultant.

Academic Coaches

Academic Coaches can help you with study strategies, time management, notetaking, and how to approach difficult assignments.  Visit the Learning Commons online to sign up for an Academic Coaching appointment!

Use the extra time during Winter Break to prepare for Spring Semester. Think about your fall semester. What were your areas of strength? What did you struggle with? To assist you, we have provided tools for your academic success! Complete the Academic Assessment worksheet to see how many steps for success you completed this semester and get and idea of key strategies to incorporate for spring. Create SMART goals using our SMART goals worksheet to prepare yourself for what you want to achieve next semester! Ultimately, your collegiate academic success is both defined by and controlled by you. Take charge of your academics, and know that we are here to help, and are behind you 100%!


What is Academic Hope?

Students with higher levels of academic hope are more likely to bounce back after an academic set-back. Typical academic set-backs include low quiz or test scores, failing classes, retaking classes, and low academic standing (warning/probation). Students with a high level of academic hope are able to view these set-backs as temporary challenges that they can overcome by making key changes in their habits, asking for help, and identifying ways to achieve their goals. It is important to remember that every student will struggle with a course or receive a grade with which they are not satisfied. Remaining hopeful about academics allows you to preserver through challenges and get back on track!

What is your level of Academic Hope?

Interested to see where you fall on  the scale of Academic Hope? Take this quiz to find out! 

Academic Hope Resources

You can increase your level of Academic Hope by identifying and creating pathways to achieve your goals. To assist you in the process, we have provided two key resources below:

Can You Change Your Mindset?

Your mindset is determined by how you think about your basic qualities (intelligence, talent, character, athleticism, etc.). If you believe these qualities don’t really change much, then that belief tends to lead to a ‘fixed’ mindset. If you believe these qualities can change with the right amount of effort, practice, process, knowledge, and strategy, then that belief tends to lead to a ‘growth’ mindset. Many people may have a growth mindset in one area of their life and a fixed mindset in another area. Research has shown that people who approach a goal with a growth mindset are much more successful and happy in the long‐term perspective.

Growth Mindset

Incorporating aspects of Growth Mindset can increase your level of Academic Hope. Mindsets are based on our basic beliefs about ourselves and learning, so we have the ability to change our beliefs and, as a result, our actions change as well.