Professional Development

Event Date Time Location
Designing Your Life January 21st 9:00-10:30am TBD
Webinar "A Deeper Look at Incorporating Coaching
Conversations into Academic Advising Practice"
February 11th 2:00-3:30pm BTSU 316
Microsoft Excel - Beginners February 18th 9:30-10:30am Hayes 020
Case Study - "Working with Parents" February 21st 8:00am -
study sent out
1:00pm -
Judging begins
Microsoft Excel - Advanced March 10th 9:30-10:30am Hayes 020
Case Study - "Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen" March 20th 8:00am - 
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1:00pm - 
Judging begins
Implicit Bias April 3rd 9:00-10:30am TBD
Webinar "Academic Advising for
Social Justice: Theory, Reflection, and Practice"
April 15th 2:00-3:30pm BTSU 316
Case Study - "Students in Distress" April 24th 8:00am - 
study sent out
1:00pm - 
Judging begins

Green Office Certification

The Green Office Certification program encourages departments and offices to engage in environmentally sustainable actions within their office. There is a checklist of items for your office to do and if completed, your office will receive Green Certification. Click here to learn more.


It's On Us

Join the It's On Us cultural movement aimed at fundamentally shifting the way we think about sexual assault. It's On Us is a rallying cry inviting everyone to step up and realize that the solution begins with us. It’s a declaration that sexual assault is not only a crime committed by a perpetrator against a victim, but a societal problem in which all of us have a role to play. We are reframing sexual assault in a way that inspires everyone to see it as their responsibility to do something, big or small, to prevent it. Learn more about the movement.


Not In Our Town

Not In Our Town’s mission is to guide, support and inspire people and communities to work together to stop hate and build safe, inclusive environments for all. BGSU and the City of Bowling Green are committed to the goals and ideals of this effort. Click here to learn more.


Safe Zone Program

The Safe Zone Project at Bowling Green State University promotes awareness of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) people. The 2 hour workshop provides education concerning LGBT issues and seeks to improve the environment for LGBT people. The project's main goal is to build a support network of allies for BGSU LGBT Community. Click here to learn more.

Green Dot Training

The Green Dot Strategy (90-minute Overview Talk or 3-hour Bystander Training), offered in partnership with The Cocoon, aims to shift campus culture and increase proactive preventative behavior by targeting influential members from across a community with basic education, skill practice, and reactive interventions to high-risk situations. Every choice to be proactive as a bystander is categorized as a “new behavior” and thus a “Green Dot.” Individual decisions (green dots) group together to create larger change. Participants knowledge will be measured by a pre and posttest.

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Military Green Zone Briefing

Green Zone briefing is for faculty and staff that wish to learn more about the military affiliated student experience. Its goals are to train members of the community to know more about  the issues and concerns faced by military affiliated students and to identify individuals who are available to assist this population. These individuals are not expected to be experts who can "solve problems." They are individuals who can lend a sympathetic ear and help the student veteran identify and connect with the appropriate resources.

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OCDA - Ohio Career Development Assoc.

Employees can join OCDA for a nominal fee. OCDA will send members information for available funding opportunities via email with information about the application process. 


Applications are due on the following dates:

  • Spring: Jan. 9; Summer: May 22; Fall: Sept. 13.

A minimum of 2 scholarships per semester are awarded.

A form must be completed by 5pm on the appropriate date (above), along with any printed materials associated with the training event.

Additional details and the application are available at:

NACADA (Regional & National)

NACADA Region 5 grants and awards runs July 1st through November 1st.

NACADA National has scholarships that open mid-December and close around the 10th of March and 14th of April:



  • Annual conference grants (covers either the cost of registration – appx. $150 – or cost of the hotel for one night - $104). Deadline is in November.
  • Annual case study competition at the annual conference for graduate students. The winners of this competition receive $100 each (2 winners) which they can use for anything of their choice.

Both are communicated on OCPA’s website and their monthly newsletter.


  • There are also has a slew of grants and awards that individuals can apply to. The Innovations Grants Program for one is quite broad. Please see a complete list to apply to:

NASPA Region V

Sponsorships & Scholarships:

Region V Signature Initiatives: Power of One Student Conference

BGSU Undergraduate Advising & Academic Services

  • Will consider requests for financial support from each advisor, including GAs, once per year
  • Amount awarded could range from $250 - $1,000, depending on factors such as available resources, whether they received funds in the previous year, location of conference, whether a person is presenting, and if there is also a contribution from the college office
  • Monies awarded on a case by case basis
  • Advisors need to provide a statement to include goals and objectives for the conference, how they plan to bring information back to campus to share more broadly, and a list of additional funding sources they plan to seek (or have already secured)

BGSU GSS (for graduate students only)

The BGSU Graduate Student Senate is pleased to facilitate professional development for graduate students by providing funds which graduate students may apply for at the beginning of each semester. Funding for professional development (FPD) is designed to supplement costs for graduate students participating in professional activities (i.e. conferences, memberships, workshops, recitals, etc.) and research materials.


  • Applicants must be enrolled within BGSU's Graduate College for at least 4 credit hours in the semester they seek funding, except that applicants for Summer funding must be enrolled in at least 4 credits for the following Fall semester.
  • Applicants must be in good standing with the Graduate College
  • The applicant's department must be in good standing with Graduate Student Senate (GSS). Applicants from departments not in good standing with GSS will not be considered for FPD. Applicants are responsible for knowing this information.
  • Each student must fill out an application, completely independent of any other student. NO GROUP APPLICATIONS WILL BE CONSIDERED.
  • Only one FPD application accepted per activity per student.
  • A student may apply for multiple activities within a semester. Each professional development activity will require a separate application.
  • FPD funding is intended to reimburse students, not departments, for professional development expenses.

Guidelines for Decisions

  • Preference will be given to new applicants who have not received professional development funding in this fiscal year.
  • You will receive an email notification of your award status from the GSS Treasurer.
  • Upon receiving an FPD award, receipts for expenses and proof of attendance should be submitted to Chrome River. This should be done within 30 days of the proposed FPD activity OR within 30 days of receiving vendor confirmation (for applications with pending approvals). See GSS FPD webpage for details.
  • Applications will be evaluated using the criteria found below.
    Please see for full details.

Don’t forget to check within your own office for funding too!