College Life-Coaching

In Bowling Green State University’s College Life-Coaching program, we believe all students are capable of success at BGSU. It is our mission to aid students in achieving success by helping them find a balance between school and life in the way that best suits their unique needs, goals, and their unique lives. We utilize a solution-focused approach to help students set goals and to identify realistic action steps that can be taken to overcome challenges to achieve their goals. Our work with students is entirely driven by their wants and needs; however we typically provide support and strategies including study skills, test preparation, time management, and goal setting, and school/life balance. Our goal as coaches is to promote students’ self-advocacy, self-efficacy and academic achievement during their time here at BGSU.

College Life-Coaches Help Students

  • Create an environment in which students strengthen their self-advocacy skills.
  • Take ownership of their academic success.
  • Build their organizational skills using their own preferred methods and suggesting new ones.
  • Discover the benefits of mindfulness and its positive relationship to performance improvement.
  • Focus individual academic goals and help them identify the steps and means by which to reach them.
  • Develop strong time-management skills.
  • Study and prepare for tests effectively.

Who to Contact?

Cyndie Roberts
Undergraduate Advising and Academic Services
256 Hayes Hall
Phone: 419-372-5533

What Are the Results of College Life-Coaching?

  • Coached students express greater satisfaction with their college experience.
  • Coached students report progress toward academic goals.
  • Coached students report skill growth in organization, time-management, studying effectiveness and reading comprehension.
  • Coached students are typically more engaged in and take greater advantage of all that an institution offers.
  • College life-coaches work with students on self-advocacy, goal clarification, motivation, mindfulness, time management, study skills and help create personal plans for academic success.
  • Key to their work is a student-centered approach that builds self-advocacy and accountability and encourages students to fully engage with all of the resources and learning opportunities BGSU has to offer.



Kimberly Zaun

Position: College Life Coach
Undergraduate Advising and Academic Services
Phone: 419-372-5533

My name is Kimberly Zaun. I currently study Mental Health Counseling here at BGSU at the Master’s level. When I graduate, I plan on seeking my licensure in order to become an LPC. Following licensure, I hope to become a Mental Health Counselor who works with children in a school setting.


Allison Pinkelman

Position: College Life Coach
Undergraduate Advising and Academic Services
Phone: 419-372-5533

My name is Allie Pinkelman. I am currently in my second year of School Counseling at BGSU at the Master’s level. I begin my practicum this fall and I will be working with Elementary students. After graduation, I plan on getting my school counseling license and looking for a job in the area. My hope is to find a job where I can work in a Middle school or Elementary school setting.