Undergraduate Advising and Academic Services


About 60-80% of students who enter college with a declared major change that major at least once. That's why BGSU offers Undergraduate Advising and Academic Services (Deciding Student Programs, University Programs for Academic Success) as an alternative to choosing a specific major and college when you enroll. In Undergraduate Advising and Academic Services, trained professional advisors assist you in planning your course schedule, exploring different areas of study at the University while learning more about your interests, abilities, and values--all with a goal of helping you make informed decisions that will lead to your ultimate success at BGSU and beyond.

Senior Advisor


Derm Forde

Position: Director of Advising
Email: dforde@bgsu.edu
Address: 101 University Hall

Undergraduate Advising and Academic Services

101 University Hall
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403
phone: 419-372-8943
fax: 419-372-8486

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