Thursday, August 28, 2014  
Undergrads make strides in photochemistry | International students welcomed
Using a myograph, Dr. Alexis Ostrowski and undergraduates Jon Mase and Chris Sosnofsky (left to right) chart the response of a pig artery to one of their photo-responsive materials while irradiating it with blue light.


In his future career as a medical doctor, senior Christopher Sosnofsky may find himself using treatment techniques he helped develop as an undergraduate at Bowling Green.

Working in the lab of BGSU photochemical scientist Dr. Alexis Ostrowski, he and senior Jon Mase are developing light-reactive materials that will target heart patients' narrowed arteries, or release antibiotics or tumor-destroying agents directly where needed.

The two chemistry majors have shown a zeal and aptitude for research that has already propelled them to achievements unusual for undergraduates. Both received Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (CURS) grants this summer, which paid for them to continue their ongoing work in the labs.

Mase is first author on a paper about his project, the light-controlled release of nitric oxide from solid polymer materials, and is included on a patent the lab has filed. Sosnofsky will be a co-author on a second paper, about the development of a biocompatible polymer that will release its "cargo" only when irradiated with light.

"Drugs go everywhere in the body, which is one reason we often have side effects from them," Ostrowski said. "By being able to use light to target only the area we want to treat, we hope to reduce side effects and possibly reduce the dose needed."


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