Thursday, August 14, 2014  
Muir novel in national spotlight | BGSU welcomes new police officers


Sharona Muir
"Truth bats" that help keep us honest, "fine-print rotifers," those culprits who cause us to give up and sign documents we cannot read, much less understand; "beanie sharks," whose rapid disappearance from the oceans reminds us that climate change and environmental degradation wreak more damage than we even know.

These creatures and more make up the personal bestiary of Sophie, the protagonist of Dr. Sharona Muir's first novel, "Invisible Beasts: Tales of the Animals That Go Unseen Among Us," published July 15 by Bellevue Literary Press of New York University, which specializes in books at the intersection of arts and sciences. Sophie is an amateur naturalist with the rare genetic ability to see creatures invisible to most human beings.

Muir is a faculty member in the Creative Writing Program.

The symbiotic relationship between humans and animals, both real and imaginary, is beautifully and humanely drawn in Muir's endlessly inventive work, grounded in real scientific fact. Like her inventor father, Muir begins with the impossible to find the possible.


New BGSU Police officers (left to right) Clay Myers, Daniel Polin and Britney Lopez are sworn in Aug. 11 by Bowling Green Municipal Court Judge Mark Reddin. Also at the ceremony were BGSU Police Chief Monica Moll, Chief Human Resources Officer Becca Ferguson, other members of the department and friends and family of the new officers.

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