Thursday, June 26, 2014  
Murals brighten Toledo communities | 'Broadway's Next H!t Musical!'
Artist Mario Torero and students (left to right) Erin McCarty, Liz Butterfield, Megan Gorey, Rashawn Carter, Jamie Scherer, Hongru Li and Brianna Moore.


In parts of Toledo where beauty is in short supply, murals painted over the years by dozens of BGSU students and volunteers are bringing back a sense of neighborhood pride.

For the past four years, Gordon Ricketts, director of the Arts Village, has run a summer art mural workshop. This year, his class of 13 students was involved in five murals of various sizes scattered around the Old South End and East Toledo neighborhoods.

Ricketts started the class after working with the Sofia Quintero Art and Cultural Center to design and paint a mural along a viaduct in the Old South End.

"Before we were even done, people came out and used it as a backdrop for all sorts of events," Ricketts said. "I decided it would be a good class and coordinated with the College of Arts and Sciences dean and Katerina Ray, director of the School of Art. We've painted close to 20 murals."


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