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Lynn Whitney featured in online Time | Community art show seeks submissions
Lynn Whitney with her 8 x 10 view camera at Farnsworth Park in Waterville.


In Lynn Whitney's sunlit black and white photographs from the 1980s, the viewer can already see the elements that continue to shape her work today.

Whitney, head of the photography division in the School of Art, is featured in Time magazine's online Light Box, a site devoted to photography. For its Off the Radar series, Time asked celebrated photographer Mark Steinmetz to choose photographers whose work he admired but who might not be widely known.

Steinmetz, who was Whitney's darkroom partner when both were students at Yale, wrote of his selections, "I would like to call attention to some remarkable photography made in the late 1970s and early 1980s by nine women in Massachusetts. Though not all of these women were aware of each other's work at the time, they shared a love for the camera's ability to describe the material complexity of the world and for the open grey tones of the black and white print. For the most part, they all championed the fluid use of a 4 x 5 view camera (even though this required a tripod) and they mixed flash in with daylight exposures so no deep shadows, no strong chiaroscuro, appeared in their prints. There are no large gestures or dramas here nor easy sentiment."

"I'm really proud of the company I am keeping in that collection." Whitney said. "This may come as a shock," she noted ironically, "but I believe women are really good with the camera, with the photographic medium. My classes (and those of 2D in general in the School of Art) are more than half filled with young women. Yet many of us remain 'under the radar.' Either we chose not to seek out galleries or we lack what it takes to convince the galleries to represent us. But, regardless, what is really great is that all of us keep making pictures.


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