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Electronic records management | Students host cultural, critical studies conference


Senior Jasmine White (right), an accounting major with a minor in Spanish, talks with Bendix representative Nick Bell Feb. 11 at the Expo Job and Internship Fair in Perry Field House, hosted by the Career Center.

Records management is part of every employee's responsibility

Every day across the BGSU campuses, hundreds of thousands of electronic records are created on computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices. "We are in the middle of a massive growth in information explosion," said Michael Intranuovo, University records manager.

"These born-digital materials are considered records, with the majority of them considered public records according to the Ohio Revised Code," he explained. "Every record we create is a property of BGSU, a public record, and we are accountable to the public."

With that designation comes the responsibility for all employees to manage these documents from creation through disposition, he said.

Managing the records fulfills requirements to avoid risking information loss, disclosing confidential information, and generating a disorganized work environment.

To help employees understand their responsibility for records management, the University Libraries' Center for Archival Collections and the University Records Management program has updated the Electronic Records Tutorial. The tutorial, previously created in Blackboard, has been migrated to Canvas, with new information that addresses Microsoft Outlook and shared and network drives, Intranuovo said.

All new BGSU employees are required to complete the tutorial, and current faculty and staff are encouraged to view the tutorial to refresh their knowledge about electronic records management. Intranuovo hopes to implement a live training session as soon as next fall. Access the tutorial.

"With new and constantly evolving technologies being utilized by BGSU every day, it is important to know how to effectively manage your electronic records," he said.

Each office has, or should have, a records retention schedule and a person designated to be the office records liaison. The records retention schedule is one of the best resources for establishing an individual plan, he said. The schedule identifies how long records should be retained and how to dispose of them.

"The key to good records management is to incorporate it into your daily routine, otherwise you have to play catch up," Intranuovo said. "There are unique challenges to electronic records, and the electronic records tutorial is a great tool for e-records and paper management to help ensure compliance with state and federal laws."

For additional help with records management beyond the tutorial, or to learn more about specific office plans or records liaisons, contact Intranuovo at 419-372-9614 or

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Students organize inaugural cultural and critical studies conference

Undergraduate and graduate student organizations in American culture studies and popular culture have joined forces this year and combined their annual conferences. The, new more encompassing event, named the Ray Browne Conference on Cultural and Critical Studies, takes place Friday-Sunday (Feb. 21-23).

"Clash and Convergence: Explorations of Culture in an Age of Uncertainty" looks at today's changing environment of media culture, electronic communication and collective intelligence, and considers how it might be possible to work together constructively across disciplines and boundaries.

Organizers are The Culture Club: Cultural Studies Scholars Association and the Popular Culture Scholars Association, in cooperation with the School of Cultural and Critical Studies.

"This conference is a great example of the work our students are doing in terms of their scholarship and bringing attention to BGSU," said Dr. Andrew Schocket, American culture studies.

Participants include students and faculty from BGSU and other institutions, plus two keynote speakers. View the conference schedule and list of speakers.

The obituary for Dr. William Coggin in the Feb. 13 edition of Zoom incorrectly gave his age as 85. He was 65.

  • Strauss’s comic operetta “Die Fledermaus” flits onto the Thomas B. and Kathleen M. Donnell Theatre stage Friday and Saturday (Feb. 21 and 23, presented by the BGSU Opera Theater in conjunction with the Department of Theatre and Film.
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