Grand Prizes

Every year, Bowling Green State University and the community of Bowling Green come together to offer unique Falcon opportunities and experiences to Ziggy Points participants who have reached the top. Grand prize entries are earned at the 1500, 2000, and 2500 point levels, so keep earning Ziggy Points for your chance to win!


One-hour on-campus Photo Shoot with the Birds and SIC SIC

Sponsored by Marketing and Communications, the Office of Campus Activities, and the Center for Leadership

Student parking pass with "no meter restriction"

Sponsored by Parking Services

Special Events with President Mazey

Sponsored by the President's Office

Chef for a Day at the Oaks

Sponsored by Dining Services

Air Superiority

30-minute plane ride over campus with an instructor

Sponsored by Aviation


Midnight Breakfast reserved seating for student and 5-6 friends for one hour

Sponsored by Dining Services

Participate in the Homecoming Parade

Sponsored by the Office of Campus Activities

Lunch with the Mayor of Bowling Green

Sponsored by the Mayor's Office

Be the first student to register for classes for Fall or Spring 2018

Sponsored by Registration and Records

Conducting the Falcon Marching Band for either the Fight Song or the Alma Mater at a football game

Sponsored by the Falcon Marching Band and the College of Music