Honors College

Greater Opportunities for Success

The Honors College offers distinguished faculty, small classes, intellectual challenges and involvement in scholarship and research. BGSU’s dynamic, innovative academic environment asks you to open yourself to new ideas, learn in a larger, integrated context and continually grow and achieve.

BGSU Honors students engage in independent research and scholarly inquiry through the Honors Project. For two semesters, you will work one-on-one with faculty members to expand your knowledge in your field of interest.

Honors College students can choose to live with other scholars in the Honors Learning Community (HLC). The HLC is a vibrant housing option located in Founders Hall. Living in the HLC enriches the university experience for academically motivated students.

Those interested in this option should apply to the Honors College early and should also concurrently request enrollment in the Honors Learning Community by visiting bgsu.edu/honors.

Full tuition Scholarship

High Distinction Scholarship Competition

Compete for this renewable scholarship through the Honors College. To be considered, you first must have a minimum 3.8 high school cumulative GPA, a minimum 30 ACT or 1300 SAT score (critical reading plus math), and submit a completed application for admission to BGSU and a completed application for the Honors College by December 7, 2015. Selected applicants will interview on campus in late January. If renewal criteria are met, this scholarship is renewable for three continuous academic years or six semesters. Information is available at bgsu.edu/honors.