Visual Communication Technology offers a comprehensive video production program that focuses on using video for education and creative problem-solving. All VCT students complete introductory coursework in camera techniques, digital editing, sound recording and lighting. Additional coursework for students who choose a specialization in video may include video production techniques, non-linear video production, and audio recording techniques. Coursework from BGSU’s telecommunications and theatre/film programs, and from the College of Business Administration, can easily be applied to the video specialization.

Examples of Student Videography Projects

Demo Reel

Kinetic Type

Stop Motion

Product Commerical

Possible Careers

  • Videographer
  • Video Technician
  • Video/Audio Consultant
  • Training Video Producer
  • Video Editor
  • Video Production Coordinator
  • Video Systems Engineer
  • Audiovisual Producer
  • Video Software Engineer
  • Video Support Specialist
  • Graphics Editor