Program Information

To earn a Bachelor of Science in Technology degree with a major in Learning Design and Technology, students transfer credits from their regionally accredited associate’s degrees and then complete the major courses and remaining general education requirements.

Major Requirements

To meet the program requirements, students must complete 5 core courses (15 hours), 4 professional electives courses (12 hours), the cooperative education courses, the BG perspective courses, and meet the technical cognate requirements.

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Core Courses (15 hours)

  • TECH 3000 Computer-Mediated Communications in Training and Education (3)
  • TECH 3020 Technology Systems in Societies (3)*
  • TECH 3200 Adult Learning in Technological Settings (3)
  • TECH 4000 Supervisory Practices in Technological Settings (3)
  • TECH 4100 Transformational Learning and Technology (3)

Professional Electives (Choose 4 courses/12 hours)

Training and Development Courses

  • TECH 4330 Instructional Design and Delivery (3)
  • TECH 4320 Evaluation and Assessment with Technology (3)
  • TECH 4310 Instructional Materials Development (3)
  • TECH 4300 Development of Training Programs (3)

Information Studies Courses

  • TECH 4210 Technological Forecasting (3)*
  • TECH 4220 Information Policy Analysis (3)
  • TECH 4230 Digital Rights Management Perspectives (3)
  • TECH 4240 Media Usability Studies (3)

Cooperative Education (8 hours - based on previous or current work experience)

  • TECH 3890 (taken Credit by Exam for an $80 fee)
  • TECH 4890T (online course applying learning outcomes of the program)

Technical Cognate (36 hours)

Thirty-six hours of these applied, technical courses can be transferred from your previous coursework and demonstrate a proficiency in a recognized, technical area.

General Education (BG Perspective) Requirements

  • 6 hours of natural science courses
  • 6 hours of social/behavioral science courses
  • 6 hours of humanities and arts courses
  • 3 hours of cultural diversity courses
  • 3 hours of general education elective courses

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*Course also fulfills a general education requirement.

The General Education (BG Perspective) requirements and the College of Technology requirements can be transferred from your associate's degree. Get more information on transferring credits to BGSU.

Courses taken at a college or university on the quarter system will transfer as fewer hours than the BGSU equivalent. Students must have a minimum of 123 semester hours to meet BGSU graduation requirements. A minimum of 40 hours of credit must be at the 3000 or 4000 level.