Visual Communication Technology

Visual Communication Technology is an innovative program for students who are interested in creative & technical problem-solving.

VCT majors use print, photography, video, and interactive multimedia as problem-solving tools in a variety of work settings. With solid preparation and study in each of these areas, the major is complemented by a core of business and liberal arts classes, which differentiate BGSU’s program from most others of its kind. The major also offers a combination of theory and hands-on practice, including the opportunity to work with personable faculty who are committed to ensuring each student's success.

Photography. Print. Video. Web. Look no further than your browser bookmarks to see how these media work together to deliver compelling messages to all kinds of people in all kinds of places. BGSU’s Visual Communication Technology major is a cross-media program. That means our students learn to use the primary visual media technology in a way that emphasizes both their uniqueness and their dependence on one another.

In VCT, your learning is not limited to the classroom. We offer a combination of classroom-based theory and hands-on practice in up-to-date labs, plus the opportunity to work with faculty who have varied experiences to share. Our cooperative education program lets you apply your learning in a real-world setting. VCT majors complete three cooperative education work experiences as part of their degree, providing the equivalent of one full year of work experience. These semester-long, paid co-ops help our students earn money while developing their professional skills. Many students secure their first permanent job with one of their co-op employers.

Course Catalog for VCT

Amy Layman Buskirk, VCT Alumna

A prestigious alumna of VCT, Amy Layman Buskirk, talks about her experience with the VCT program when it first started out. She is a cross-media, problem sover. She now works as a Vice President, Client Solutions at Freeman Inc in Seattle WA.