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A 4 year pre-professional degree.

Our architecture graduates receive a Bachelor of Science in Architecture.

We have a small program by design. We currently have over 200 undergraduates in architecture, the second largest program in the College of Technology. Our Master of Architecture program, when offered, will admit 14 each year.

Under the “students” heading of this web site you will find links to a wide variety of student work.

No. Instead of a portfolio, we have several courses that must be passed with at least a C or better. These classes are Arch1050, Arch2050, Arch2220, our two history courses (Arch 2330 and Arch 2340), Cons 2350, and Arch 2360. Students must also complete GSW1120 (our general studies writing course), Physics 2010, and the required math course with a C or better. You can get the course descriptions for these from the BGSU academics web site.

BGSU is a wireless campus, including the architecture studios. There are a few computers installed in the studios, but all third year students should have laptops, either PC's or Macs that run windows. Beginning Fall 2011, it will be highly recommended you have a laptop entering the program. You will not need a high-powered laptop your first year.

The good news is that it no longer matters. You can get either. All software we use is currently available for either platform, with the exception of Rhino 3D which will be out for Mac very soon.

We have standardized on Autodesk products. Our students use Revit, AutoCAD, and 3D Studio Max Design. They also use Sketchup and Rhino 3D extensively. Some studios integrate programs like Rhino. Our students also use all the adobe products: Photoshop, In-design, Illustrator. These are all available in various computer labs, but most students have them on their laptops.

Educational versions of Sketchup, Revit, AutoCAD, and 3D Studio Max Design are available free to students. Students should consider purchasing an educational version of Rhino 3D when enrolling in 3rd year studio. This is not necessary for first and second year students.

We have a laser cutter for model building. This uses a computer file to cut out model components so you don't need to do it by hand. It is primarily used by the third and fourth year studios. Specialized classes have access to 3D printers and scanners and other modeling technologies.

We encourage students to take art classes along with math and sciences. Drafting and CAD classes are OK as well, but not necessary.

The National Architecture Accreditation Board does not accredit ANY pre-professional programs, only Master of Architecture programs and Bachelor of Architecture programs. BGSU started working on a Master’s degree in Architecture in 2001. In March the state approved our Master of Architecture proposal and we are currently working on our application to start the accreditation process.

The list of requirements, called a checksheet, can be found on this web page under the Resources tab. The column on the right lists what are called BG Perspective requirements. These are course requirements for all BGSU students. Some of the required classes also fill these requirements. This includes Physics, which meets one of the two natural science requirements, Econ2000 meets the social science requirement, and ARCH2330 and ARCH 2340 meet the humanities and arts requirements and also the international perspective requirement.

Yes. Even though we do not yet have a NAAB accredited professional degree paired with our undergraduate program, many of our students get accepted into 2 year graduate programs. We have a strong emphasis on portfolios so this really helps.

There are many, but some of the schools our students get accepted at are the University of Michigan, the Illinois Institute of Technology, University of Illinois, and SCIArc (Southern California institute of architecture). There are many others but these are some that we have students accepted into their 2 year programs almost every year. Recent graduates of our program are also currently at Harvard, Rhode Island School of Design, Pratt Institute, and The Ohio State University in addition to the schools mentioned before. You can contact us at architecture@bgsu.edu for more information on our graduate school placements.

Each year about 70% of our graduating students apply to go on. The rest will typically work in architects offices, for construction management firms, or take jobs in the public sector.

Because we have a curriculum with strong technical content paired with our studios, our students are competitive in the workplace. Also, because BGSU architecture majors typically graduate with strong CADskills, this also helps when they are competing for positions at firm.

As with most architecture programs it is organized around a design studio sequence. We have three design studio classes in the first two years, along with other architecture classes, and math, physics, English and other general studies. In the third and fourth years, the studios are 6 semester hour classes.