Architecture & Environmental Design


The BGSU Architecture and Environmental Design programs pursue the convergence of technical and liberal arts to inspire and empower students to enhance the built environment.

The BGSU Department of Architecture and Environmental Design offers the graduate professional Master of Architecture (M.Arch) degree and the undergraduate pre-professional Bachelor of Science in Architecture (BS Arch) degree. 


The professional Master of Architecture (M.Arch) requires the completion of 52 semeser credit hours. The degree revolves around the technical explorations of materials, structure, and sustainability in the context of the technical design and around the historical, urban, and preservation paradigms of buildings and cities. These concentrations integrate with entrepreneurial theories and strategies as a medium to advancing architectural design and practice. A Professional Practice/Entrepreneurship core of courses, including Applied Entrepreneurship internship and a Business Core of courses from the College of Business coalesce to butress this unique feature of the M.Arch program.

Master of Architecture


The pre-professional Bachelor of Science in Architecture (BS Arch) requires the completion of 122 semeser credit hours. This degree prepares students for further education in a professional degree program in architecture or a related field, or for employment opportunities in architecturally related occupations. As part of the continuum of BGSU professional education in architecture, this degree is the foundation for the Master of Architecture. An important feature of the undergraduate program is two cooperative education experiences in architecture or design-related fields.