College of Technology, Architecture & Applied Engineering


The College of Technology, Architecture, and Applied Engineering will be a driving force for economic and social advancement through innovative programs, applied research and cooperative partnerships. The College will be a global leader, preparing professionals to create and apply technologies in a world that thrives on change and sustainability.

College of Technology, Architecture & Applied Engineering


The College supports our diverse students and faculty through an encouraging learning environment, experiential opportunities, and a culture of applied research and professional service. Trans-disciplinary programs and industry partnerships empower our academic community to engage in critical thinking, hands-on problem solving and life-long learning. We value faculty and staff, and commit to sustain professional and intellectual growth.

College of Technology, Architecture & Applied Engineering

Planned Actions (2012-2015)

  • Pursue reconfigurations of academic departments and services.
  • Revitalize advocate board and improve communication with stakeholders.
  • Increase enrollment and retention and enhance advising, mentoring and COOP operations.
  • Elevate the reputation and develop a brand for the College.
  • Improve the current facilities, classrooms and other spaces.
  • Expand and improve the undergraduate programs in the College.
  • Develop strategic partnerships and collaboration with the industry.
  • Develop an active outreach and educational programs for K-12.