Spending Plans / Financial Calculators

Spending Plans

Daily Spending Plan
This Personal Daily Spending Plan gives you the ability to track your daily income and expenses in a number of categories on a daily basis.

Monthly Spending Plan
This Personal Monthly Spending Plan gives you the opportunity to track income and expenses in a number of categories on a monthly basis.

Each Spending Plan is designed to be personalized for individual use. Please contact the SMMS office with any questions or assistance. 

Financial Calculators

BGSU Student Financial Aid Estimator
This estimator gives you an estimate of how much financial assistance you may be eligible to receive for the upcoming academic year.

CollegeBoard College Calculator
This link takes you to a number of college financing calculators designed to help you project your income and expenses associated with attending a university.

Credit Card Calculator
This calculator allows you to see the true cost of paying the minimum balance on your credit card each month.