NEW Financial Success

Financial Success
Making your green work hard for you

  • Connect with Student Money Management Services for a free and confidential Individual Financial Session
  • Knowing www.nslds.ed.gov is your link to accurate student loan & service information
  • Having a current spending plan in place and sticking to it
  • Asking financial questions confidently to get accurate and helpful information
  • Learning the importance of a spending plan, checking a credit report, proper use of a credit card and how to protect from identity theft

Disconnected & Confused
The green is almost gone, now you don't know what to do

  • Was afraid to ask questions
  • Did not know how to look up student loan information
  • Did not write out a spending plan and had no idea where the money was going
  • Was embarassed to ask for help until it got really out of control
  • Thought that everything was figured out and would just fall into place