Financial Literacy Resources

The following free financial education resources are available to all BGSU undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Individualized spending plan
  • Learn how to identify and track expenses during and after college
  • Plan for tuition and fee payments
  • Graduate with a plan for repaying your debt

PNC Student Resources

BGSU has partnered with PNC to provide financial literacy resources and workshops to students.

BGSU CashCourse
BGSU has partnered with the National Endowment for Financial Education giving BGSU students access to a great amount of financial education information specifically designed for college students.

nslds.ed.gov - National Student Loan Data System
Find out the status of your student loans, by repayment and defernment options, and information regarding the federal aid you have received.  

The Federal Government's website dedicated to helping Americans understand more about their money - how to save it, invest it, and manage it to meet their personal goals.

direct.ed.gov - William D Ford. Federal Direct Loan Program
Students and parents can explore the site for information about the Direct Loan Program, including helpful publications and tools to help manage their Direct Loans.



Daily Spending Plan (Excel)
This Spending Plan gives you the ability to track your income and daily expenses by category.

Monthly Spending Plan (Excel)
This Personal Monthly Spending Plan gives you the opportunity to track monthly income and expenses by category.

Financial Calculators

BGSU Student Financial Aid Estimator
This estimator provides an estimate of how the financial assistance you may be eligible to receive for the upcoming academic year.

CollegeBoard College Calculator
This link takes you to a number of college financing calculators designed to help you project your income and expenses associated with attending a college or university.

Credit Card Calculator
This calculator allows you to see the true cost of paying the minimum balance on your credit card each month.

Investment Education

FINRA.org - Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
FINRA believes investor protection begins with education. Using the Internet, the media and public forums, we help investors build their financial knowledge and provide them with essential tools to better understand the markets and basic principles of saving and investing.