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Civic Action Leaders

The Civic Action Leaders (CALs) are a group of students who work in the Office of Service-Learning.  CALs are passionate about community service and civic engagement.  Need service support? Schedule a one-on-one meeting with a CAL to learn more about volunteer opportunities.  CALs can also help your student organization plan a service event.

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As a recipient of our weekly Service Update you will:
  • Receive information and resources about volunteering on and off campus.
  • Learn more about community engagement and social responsibility.

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Use United Way's volunteer database to:
  • Browse for opportunities by impact area, location, time, and date.
  • Create group service events and invite your friends to serve with you.

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Service Events and Programs


Join us in service for our events and programs, including the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service Challege, alternative break trips, Service Saturdays, and the Volunteer Fair.  If you are a new volunteer, our programs can help introduce you to a variety of opportunities.  If you are a seasoned volunteer, our events are a perfect opportunity to serve in a leadership role.

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Service-Learning Courses

A service-learning course combines teaching and community engagement.  A service-learning course provides an opportunity for students, faculty members, and community partners to engage in organized service activities that address community-identified needs.  The experience pushes you to reflect on service activities to gain a further understanding of the curricular content, enhance your personal values, and increase your social responsibility.

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