Parents & Family

The Office of Residence Life recognizes that attending college is a time of transition for both students and parents. Research also shows that parents and family are the first people students contact when they experience a challenge at school.

While students attend college to receive an education, it is also known that they spend the majority of their time at college outside of the classroom. This means that your student will spend a great many hours in their residence hall. Residence Halls are great environments that support student retention and academic achievement. We encourage your student to meet new friends, attend hall programs, and participate in Hall Council.

The Office of Residence Life is here as a partner with parents and family. As an office, the staff are here to support you and your students success at college. Our professional  Hall Directors are a great starting point for you as parents. Resident Advisors are a great resource for your student when they have a question or concern.

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Does your son or daughter need new bed linens for their room? Are they having trouble finding extra-long linens? Do you want to support a student organization while helping your son or daughter with new bedding? If so, check out our Resident Student Association's linens program.

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