La Maison Française

La Maison Française is a residential learning community where students interested in French can live and be surrounded by the language and cultures of the Francophone world. Located in Kohl Hall, La Maison Française is designed to house up to 12 undergraduate male and female students who have had at least 2 years of high school French or FREN 1020 at BGSU. Also living in the community is a graduate student from Tours, France who serves as Cultural Director. The Faculty Director has an on-site office and several French classes are offered in Kohl Hall classrooms. 

Regular events include a weekly conversation hour, monthly movie nights and dinners, for which residents earn 2 credit hours of FREN 2200. La Maison Française is an ideal gathering place for students and faculty from the BGSU community who are interested in French and Francophone cultures.

Residents of La Maison Française learning community are eligible for two scholarships. The French House Resident Scholarship awards $500 to eligible first-year residents and $1,000 to eligible returning residents. The Wurzburger Memorial Fund Scholarship provides support for study abroad in France. Please contact the Faculty Director for further details.

Statistics and Information

  • 12 students; a small community!
  • Live in Kohl Hall
  • All residents, including requested roommates, must be members
  • Fees:          All Students - $100 per semester
  • For more details visit the La Maison Française website or call 419-372-3581.

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