Learning Communities & Special Interest Housing

We feel that the best way to invite and invigorate you to succeed in your personal, professional, and academic life is to develop a sense of community.  We nurture your transition by welcoming you to live in one of our Learning Communities.  Here, the true definition of community is realized.  Focus on an interest area, and allow our foundation of friendship and community to do the rest.

Why Should I Join a Community?

  • Live, study, and go to class in the community (within your residence hall), with your friends.
  • Engage with faculty members and professors who take a special interest in YOUR focus.
  • Utilize and take advantage of the community resources to co-create your education; plan a project, invite everyone to dinner, play a game, call a meeting, and have fun!
  • Remain connected to the friends, colleagues, and core values of the community.
  • Live a life inspired, develop the support system, and dream big!
Take a look at our communities below to see if there is one for you!

BGSU Learning Communities