Technologies Available

  • Technology: Improved adhesion of solid state materials like CdS thin films to flexible plastics.
    • Application: Pulsed laser deposition allows lower temperatures and is used to affix solid state thin films to flexible plastic sheets, and panels.  Plastics may be heat sensitive or heat resistant, electrically conductive or nonconductive, and magnetic or nonmagnetic.  Excellent for “solar cell”, “solar panel,” and “solar sheet” applications where flexibility is required.
  • Technology: Targeted RNA molecule detection.
    • Application: Sequence specific RNA molecules may be targeted, and detected by fluorescence for possible drug discovery, patient monitoring and environmental monitoring.
  • Technology: Detection of the shape and structure of cell features by reflected light microscopy.
    • Application: Microscopic analysis method may prove useful by providing cell change information on genes targeted by experimental drugs or as a rapid cancer test.
  • Technology: New hand-held technology for semi-immersive, exploration in virtual environments. 
    • Application: Provides both educational and entertainment potential using hardware and software to detect physical movement, and provide location awareness navigation within a virtual environment.
  • Technology: Remote curing of polymer coatings by gaseous initiating agent.
    • Application: Gaseous, vaporous or aerosol nature of curing agent ensures unrestricted accessibility to entire surface for coatings, especially with complex forms.