Posters at the Capitol

Celebrating Undergraduate Research in Northwest Ohio

Posters at the Capitol is an annual event for undergraduate student researchers/scholars from Northwest Ohio, most recently held on April 9, 2013 and first held in 2008. Students selected to participate design and produce professional-quality posters showcasing their research/creative academic work and its significance to Northwest Ohio. Selected students have the opportunity to discuss their posters with Ohio legislators, legislative staff, state agency personnel, and visitors to the Statehouse on a one-on-one basis to help them learn more about the research and discoveries our students are making.

In 2013, 18 students from BGSU presented nine posters (out of 110 students presenting 50 posters overall). Some students presented multiple posters; others presented only one. Some posters were collaborations, large and small; others were solely presented by one individual student. Topics ranged from psychological issues such as romantic relationships in the media to environmental issues such as water pollution.

This event is modeled after the highly successful Council on Undergraduate Research's Posters on the Hill display that is conducted annually in the Capitol of the United States located in Washington, D.C. Other states in the region hold similar events in their state capitols. The Ohio event is being planned and organized through collaboration between Bowling Green State University, Heidelberg University, Ohio Northern University, the University of Findlay, and The University of Toledo.

According to former BGSU President Carol Cartwright (2008-2011), “student research helps immensely in linking classroom learning to the larger concerns of the world.” In commenting on the 2009 event, she added that student research “serves a major function of all institutions of higher learning: that of generating greater knowledge, which in turn holds strong potential for economic development in Ohio."


Students travel to Columbus to present their posters in the Ohio Statehouse. Posters are displayed in the Atrium. Selected participants will receive complimentary bus transportation to Columbus and a catered lunch on the day of the event (space is limited).

Additional support may be available to offset some of the costs of professional printing for student posters. Presentation standards and other guidelines will be reviewed at the Orientation Meeting. Please note, poster-board displays are discouraged in favor of large-print poster formats. Recommended poster size is 3' x 4', and posters must not exceed 4' x 4'.

For additional information, please visit the Event Website (includes application, guidelines and student abstracts from previous years).


Registration dates for Posters at the Capitol 2014 have not yet been announced (click here to download application and view event information).

Students must e-mail completed applications to their Faculty Mentor for their endorsement; Mentors must complete final submission on their student's behalf. (Please allow sufficient lead time to allow for this additional step prior to the registration deadline). Space is limited, so apply early. Late submissions will be accepted only if space remains.


BGSU students, faculty and staff with registration questions are asked to contact:

Christopher Mitchell, Coordinator of the Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship, Bowling Green State University , at cmitche@bgsu.edu or 419-372-5401.

For general information, community members may contact:

Dr. Thomas Kvale, Director of Undergraduate Research at the University of Toledo, at thomas.kvale@utoledo.edu or 419-530-2980.