Sport Clubs

The Sport Clubs Program is designed to assist and develop the interests and skills of team members in specific sports. The traditional focus of club teams is on seeking intercollegiate competition with representative teams from other clubs, schools, colleges, or universities. There are some sport clubs, however, organized solely for recreational or instructional purposes.

Sport clubs present a unique learning opportunity for those students who choose to form, lead, and expand their clubs. Students elect their own officers, draft their own constitutions, determine practice days and times, schedule facility space, set up playing schedules with other teams, and locate and pay officials for home contests. Officers in sport clubs truly learn what the term "student development" means.


Membership in sport clubs is open to currently enrolled undergraduate students carrying a minimum of ten credits or graduate/non-traditional students with six credits. Every club needs at least ten active student members in good standing.


Individual cost varies from club to club depending on funding from the Office of Campus Activities, donations, and fundraising.


The opportunity exists for individuals or groups of students to apply for official sponsorship as a competitive club. Students interested in registering new clubs should make an appointment with the IM/SC/PFH Assistant Director. Prospective clubs should be aware that existing clubs or student organizations may not be duplicated. Other factors in considering new requests involve risk management and liability issues, availability of facilities, funding, regional competition and a club’s potential overall contribution to the University community.


Teams can select volunteer coaches for their club based on the individual’s knowledge and experience in the desired sport. Coaches need not be affiliated with BGSU but must be approved by the IM/SC/PFH Assistant Director. In order to promote student involvement in administering each club, coaches are required to sign paperwork specifying what their role is with the club.

Returning Clubs

Team Registration occurs each fall with the completion of the Sport Club Updates Form being submitted by an officer of each club to the Sport Clubs Office.

The information submitted reflects the club's goals and objectives and provides the Sport Clubs staff details to share with prospective members upon receiving inquiries. A completed Sport Club Updates Form can be submitted via an attachment in email or in person to the Sport Clubs Office located at 130 Perry Field House.