Office of Academic Assessment

as*sess*ment |əˈsesmənt| - all of the systematic ways in which information is collected about student learning in order to improve that learning (Hanna & Dettmer, 2004)

The Office of Academic Assessment (OAA) was created to establish an infrastructure for academic assessment, facilitate the assessment of university and programmatic learning outcomes, coordinate institutional and program assessment, and provide ongoing support services for academic assessment at BGSU. The OAA provides information and resources for assessment, maintains the technological infrastructure (i.e., Canvas) to support academic assessment, offers faculty and programs support (via workshops and consults) on topics related to academic assessment, and assists in the collect and distribution of institutional and programmatic assessment data.  The OAA also provides information and creates documents related to academic assessment that are used at the institutional level for various activities related to accreditation.

The Director of Academic Assessment is a dual report to the Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and the Associate Vice Provost for Academic Operations within the Office of the Provost. The current Director of Academic Assessment is Julia Matuga (jmatuga@bgsu.edu).  Dr. Matuga is an associate professor of educational psychology and former associate dean at BGSU.  She is joined in the office by Monica Hartzler (mhartzl@bgsu.edu) and Jennifer Boykin (jbokin@bgsu.edu).